Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery (2000mAh)

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The Aspire CF SUB OHM battery is designed for Sub Ohm vaping, containing a massive 2000mAh capacity with a 40amp continuous discharge, capable of supplying the intense power required by low resistance atomisers (from 0.3 to 1.0 ohms). This battery is very powerful and very durable.

The CF SUB OHM is 22mm in diameter and has been designed to be used with the Aspire Atlantis™ range but has both 510 and eGo connections so is compatible with a wide range of tanks and atomizers.

It has a spring loaded centre post to provide a strong connection with the atomiser and features stainless steel endpoints, a metal button, and a stunning carbon fibre coated tube. Safety features include chip-controlled protection against overcharge, over-discharge, atomizer and charging short circuit. It also has vent holes in the base to help the battery breathe.

The Aspire CF SUB OHM battery requires a screw-in type charger. Always use an appropriately rated charger.

2000mAh Battery for extra life between charges
40amp draw limit, perfect for safely vaping sub-ohm atomiser coils.
Designed for the Aspire Atlantis tank but features a spring-loaded eGo-510 connection allowing it to be used with almost any sub-ohm atomiser.
Compatible with: 0.3 – 1 ohm resistance atomiser coils.
Vent holes for safety.
Stylish design with metal button and carbon-fibre body.

Battery Specifications:
Colour Options Available: Black, Silver
Power: 2000mAh
Voltage Output: 4.2v
Length: 116.5mm
Charge time: Approx. 2 hours.
Approx. Lifespan: 6 - 12 months